Julie Rea
Psychotherapist and Gestalt Practitioner

Many people describe me as down to earth and approachable- easy to speak to and practical and yet at times confronting and honest. My aim is to create a safe place to explore and learn and where change can occur at the person’s own pace.  My approach is influenced by my training, age, gender, life experiences, with a little bit of feminism thrown in.

PSYCHOTHERAPY AND COUNSELLING – I see individuals and couples for ongoing counselling work. People present with a broad range of issues from childhood concerns, unresolved trauma, relationship issues (including parenting), grief work, sexuality and sexual identity, anxiety & depression, drug and alcohol management and life transition support.

Couple work can involve identifying issues, learning ways to say “hard” things, building bridges and sometimes the couple work leads to constructively “de-coupling.”

My approach is eclectic and responsive to the individuals sitting with me. I see myself as walking beside my client as we traverse the presenting concerns. Sometimes it is a matter of “holding the space”; other times we explore options and strategies together.

I am registered for both Medicare and Victims Services and can offer counselling under these programs.

For many years I have tutored in Field Education within the Social Work School at Sydney University.

PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION – The other half of my work involves individual and Group Professional Supervision and Professional Coaching.  This work is confidential within an Ethical Framework. Here my clients often work in the Allied Health Fields or in organisations, holding Management, CEO or Leadership roles where it helps to be able to have a safe space to “talk about work”.

The supervisee always drives the agenda for the work. I find many workers are employed in high-stress environments, where there is little acknowledgement of the dedication and commitment required by the work – here strategies of self-care often emerge as an essential focus.

Christine Wilkinson
Psychotherapist and Gestalt Practitioner

My application of the GESTALT approach in my work is to focus on behaviour and highlighting behaviour as a choice. I do not see people as a problem to be solved rather as creative agents in their lives and in their progress forward.


The ISSUES I deal with include, life change, sexuality, sexual identity, gender dysphoria,  relationship issues, family dynamics and second phase recovery from addictive behaviours.


TECHNIQUES – I work within a gestalt approach, informed by a strengths-based practice, feminism and an understanding of gender.




– CLINICAL SUPERVISION- I offer individual and group supervision to individual therapists and to workers employed in organisations such as Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Rehabilitation and Diversion Services and Disability Support Services


– THERAPY/COUNSELLING- I provide therapy to individuals and couples. I have a particular interest in the LGBTQI Community.


– GROUP FACILITATION AND EDUCATION – I facilitate both psychotherapeutic and psycho-educational groups as well as conducting workshops in supervision practice nationally and internationally.