Julie Rea and Christine Wilkinson are known as the Gestalt Girls.

They are both Gestalt Practitioners and this underpins their approach to the psychotherapy, supervision and the teaching they offer.

They share rooms in Lilyfield NSW in Sydney’s Inner -West and have both been in private practice for over 25 years.



Gestalt Therapy is holistic therapy, acknowledging a person’s mind, body and spirit within their interpersonal, social and physical being.

Gestalt offers the space to explore the self and all our “parts”, coming from a place of curiosity with judgement suspended.

Dialogue is at the heart of gestalt practices and way of life. Here we can experiment, play, explore and grow.


We welcome inquiries and coming along for one session does not oblige you to continue.

If you feel like we are not a “good fit”, we will be happy to refer you on.

LGBTQI are more than welcome to this practice.

We both undertake our own supervision as part of our professional practice.

Julie Rea Christine Wilkinson Psychotherapy Gestalt Girls

Contact Us

You can contact either Julie or Chris by emailing us at

or via phone or text on

Julie –  0419 442118

Chris – 0407 931388